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Unit 7 level 7-8

7. Keywords, contents, indexes, data bases, search engines

Searching in a book, a catalogue and an online search engine all need the same thing - first you must have an idea of what you are looking for.

If you are looking for a holiday for yourself and your friends you could use the keyword "holiday" or the keywords "young holiday."

What else could you use?

Searching in a book you might look at the contents (at the front) first to find if there is a whole chapter on your subject. You might look in the index (at the back) to look for specific references to your subject.
So the book "The Greek Islands" by Stavros Nikolaidis has the whole of chapter 6 on Skipios. The book "Greece and her Islands" by S. Papadopoulos has five references to Skipios on different pages.

A search engine searches a data base of information collected by a person who selects by using their intelligence or by a robot which visits online sites automatically.

Some search engines ask you to type in words separately
eg "young" + "holiday"
while others will take words in "quotation marks" and search only for that phrase.

You do not need to use quotation marks or + signs for either Google > ( or the Guardian Unlimited Archive.

Search the Guardian Unlimited Archive at
for the words "holiday" "young holiday" "family holiday" "island holiday" and for specific places you might be interested in.
Note how many articles are found.
Change the date buttons so you search only for this year.
How does that change the number of articles available?
Which give you the most and which the best information?

Visit the Greek Tourist Board at

Visit the Greek Island Postcards at
Look for infomation which will help you choose a place for a holiday for you and your friends.

The Guardian Unlimited site says the tourist board site is "notable for its detail and attention to Greek history and myths" while the Postcard site distinguishes between "touristic" Greece and the areas that remain unspoilt.
"It is entertaining but can be ... dismissive."
Do you agree?

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