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Unit 3 level 7-8

3. Combining information from several sources.
This is a simple exercise in combining and updating knowledge from more than one source.

Sometimes we find we have a small amount of information, then we read more and have to change our ideas.

Copy the following short newspaper story to a word processor then change it by using the news updates which follow.

Information A

It was reported from China today that hundreds of people have been killed in Yunnan Province.
The Prime Minister, Mr Li Peng, has urged Chinese government departments to do all they can to help local officials. He has also asked the United Nations to give aid to the stricken province.

Copy this story before going on to B.

Information B
(You need not copy or type out the whole of this. Use the information in any way to update story A, rewriting as necessary.)

* 1,200 lives now believed lost.
* The earthquake registered 7.6 on the Richter scale.
* Thousands of houses have been demolished in the town of Kunming.
* Roads in Yunnan are now impassable.
* The British Government has offered tents, medical supplies, and technical assistance.
* Mr Blair has sent a personal message of sympathy to Mr Peng.

Your revised story C should now have all the up to date and correct information and should make sense!

This is what we do in our minds when we hear fresh news or learn something different.

Top Islands

Read the article called "The Isles have it - Europe's top islands" at,4273,4024799,00.html

"Whatever you want to do - party, windsurf, sail or simply blob out on the beach, there's an island in Europe that will give you the perfect holiday...."

Read the details about each of the islands and design your own table like this one:

 name of island

 other people


 scenery  activities  summary
[9 columns, 10 rows]

The final column should summarise each island in one sentence of your own words.

More Information

Now choose three of the islands and search for more information on them.
Use the urls from lesson 2.
Read this new information carefully.
Finally add to or change your original sentence using your new information.

Write a report

Write a report on one of the islands. The audience is you and your friends of the same age who are planning to have a one week holiday in June to celebrate the end of your examinations.
Use at least three sources of information. Read all the information before you write anything. If there is a contradiction, where two or more sources disagree, look for another point of view.
There is no need to type out all the information - just copy from the Web page and paste into a word processor, then edit it into a report.

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