Plan a Holiday!


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Take the opportunity to plan the holiday of a lifetime with your friends!

Imagine those happy days after your exams, lots of time to spend in the sun with your mates - but where will you go?

Here's your chance to plan that holiday - and learn something about information handling skills at the same time!


This is what you need to know first....

This is an Information Handling Unit.

There are 11 lessons of about one hour. Key Stage 4.

This covers assessment targets in English and ICT.

Read everything on these pages. Write answers to every task marked with

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"Any fool can know
the point is to understand"
(Albert Einstein)

Information handling is a skill which is essential in our information rich age.
There is far more information around than ever before - and it's still getting more!

Information handling must be learned in a way so it's a part of all learning not just taught in one lesson.

You can use these skills whenever you need to find out anything - whether it's the time of the next train or planning what you want to do with your whole life! You can certainly use it in all those lessons which ask you to do research and planning.

Using a computer for editing, processing and presenting work is also important - ICT skills are really important in the world of work.

Most of the following lessons rely on digital information and so you should be familiar with the word processing skills of copy, paste, inserting text and moving blocks of text. If you're not, try these lessons first - then come back to Plan a Holiday!
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