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Unit 6 level 7-8

6. Air Rage. An Exercise in more elaborate combining of data.

Read the four information sources below.
Combine and edit them to make a story for the Hunts Post, the local Newspaper for Huntingdon and Godmanchester.
You must emphasise the local aspects of the story.
The final article must not be more than 400 words (use word count - don't count them yourself!)

Source 1 : Interview with Jacky Lamb

 "I was brought up in Godmanchester and went to Hinchingbrooke School until 1989. After a couple of years I took a job as an air hostess with Ryan Air and later with Continental Airlines. I've been working for them now for four years.

I work on DC-10 and 747 aircraft and do the Atlantic run up to ten times a week. Usually there are no problems, and the advantage is that I can get a free flight to almost anywhere in the States when I'm not working - which doesn't give me much time to see my parents in Godmanchester, but has let me see a lot of the USA.

This flight was the scariest I've ever had. We've had people who are sick, one who had a heart attack a couple of years ago - but this guy was just crazy. He'd obviously had too much to drink - and I think he actually stole some of the little vodka bottles when my back was turned - but I couldn't believe it when he tried to pick a fight with the other passengers, and then me!

Some of the passengers complained about him swearing and flicking bits from his plastic cup, and when I asked him really nicely to stop it he grabbed me by the collar and told me to stop getting at him or he'd throw me out of the plane. I was really scared. His eyes were red and his breath smelled of drink. He sounded as if he meant what he said.

I managed to get away and told the co-pilot, Barry - who by coincidence went to school with me when he lived in Brampton - so he came down and tried talking to the man. At one point this bloke just went wild! He pushed Barry aside and went for me, shouting that he would rip the door open and throw me out. I just stood in front of the door and screamed at him to get away!

If it hadn't been for one of the passengers and Barry we could all have been killed!"

Source 2 : Report in The Times


An air hostess had to stand "spreadeagled" against an aircraft door to stop a drunken, rampaging passenger kicking it at 30,000 ft, a court was told yesterday.

Kevin Griggs went berserk, attacking staff and head-butting passengers while other travellers on the flight looked on in horror.

Barry Nelson, the second officer, had to leave his seat on the flight deck, while attempting to land the Continental Airlines DC10 at Gatwick, to help restrain Griggs who was described as "out of control."

Griggs' rampage was ended only after a passenger rugby-tackled him as he continued to lash out at the door, Cambridge Crown Court was told.

Griggs, 24, of Barnsley, was seen returning from the galley with a number of small bottles of alcohol and later began flicking food and pellets at other travellers.

Samuel Scrivener, prosecuting, said "The accused then put his face very close to that of the air hostess in an intimidating manner and threatened to throw her from the plane. When Griggs assaulted Mr Nelson as he tried to pacify him she felt the plane and all the passengers were in very real danger and did the only thing she could - put herself between the man and the door."

Even when Griggs was eventually overpowered by rugby player Duncan Grey and restrained by handcuffs he continued to spit and hurl abuse. He was arrested by police when the plane landed.

Griggs admitted endangering the safety of an aircraft, affray and four charges of assault.
In sentencing Griggs for two years in jail, Judge Eamon Swift said, "This was an unpardonable incident which endangered the lives of all the passengers and was the direct result of the accused's drunken behaviour."

In his defence his solicitor said that it had been his first flight, he had just split up with his American girlfriend and the offences were "very much out of character."

Source 3 : Background Information

 Incidents of violence on board aircraft have seen a great rise in the last ten years, according to the International Aviation Authority. In 1989 only one was recorded, while in 1998 there were thirty two.

Parliament has recently called for the serving of alcohol to be banned on international flights.

Sudden de-pressurising of an aeroplane at 30,000 ft can have fatal consequences. Passengers have been sucked out and never seen again, and cabin furniture can rupture vital steering mechanisms, causing the plane to dive into the ground. A DC10 over Korea in 1992 is believed to have crashed into a mountain after a passenger lit a cigarette in the toilet and exploded a bomb left there by a terrorist.

Cabin crew are given training on the restraint of unruly passengers and CS gas and handcuffs are routinely carried by most airlines.

DC10s have been involved in a number of incidents of depressurisation since they were first introduced in 1972.

Godmanchester is a small village close to the town of Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire.

Elsie and Bill Lamb, parents of Jackie, live at no 42 Earning Street, Godmanchester. They were said to be "relieved" that their daughter was safe. "That madman should be locked up for endangering all those lives," said Bill. "I thought it was lovely the way her old friend Barry came to her rescue, " said Elsie. "I thought they were both very brave. When they both came to call on us after the incident they seemed very brave. I think it's brought them closer together."
Mr Nelson, father of three, was unavailable for comment.

Source 4 : Newcastle Evening Chronicle

 Duncan Grey, prop forward for Gosforth Rugby Club, played down his involvement in an air rage incident on his way back from the United States.

"This loony was threatening to hit the air hostess and smash open the plane door. I couldn't stand for that so I just tackled him and held him while the co-pilot put the handcuffs on him. I did what anyone would do in the circumstances. The airhostess gave me a bottle of whisky afterwards - but she gave the co-pilot a kiss! I think I missed out somewhere!"

Jacky Lamb was a special guest at Huntingdon Rugby Ground to see Gosforth lose 15-3 to Huntingdon Hawks in the League Cup last week. Barry Nelson scored two tries and a conversion in a hard fought game. Duncan Grey was carried off with a broken leg.

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