The Fifth Step - Organise and Present Data!


organise and present data

Using the Outline View in Microsoft Word

In Outline View (Menu View > Outline), Word simplifies text formatting so you can focus on the structure of your writing - paragraphs and sections.

There are built-in headings and levels and you can drag the headings up or down the levels.

Try writing in Outline and after your first page swap to Normal or Page View to see the effect.

Organising Headings

Use the Styles feature in your word processor. Make sure you have 3 or 4 levels of Headings. Use the top Heading for the title of your piece of work, eg Planning a Holiday, the next for the subtopics eg Where to go, and the next for further sub headings eg Where to go for the summer, where to go in winter, where to travel from ...

Planning a Holiday

Where to go

For the summer

Summer means beaches and ...

In winter

Ski holidays and warm fires ...

Where to go

The world is your oyster ...



Drag and Drop

Remember too that you can write out the headings first and gradually fill in the text below it. If the text might be better under a different heading, just drag it to a new position.

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