The Sixth and Final Step - Evaluate the process!
have I solved the problem?

How did you do?

Write an evaluation explaining how successful you were in doing the research and the writing in this unit of work.

* Explain how you might have done it better or differently.

* Explain how you might have used your time differently.

* Are you happy with what you've produced?

* Do you have any suggestions either for the author of this unit or for your teacher?

* Do you know more about how to organise your research now?

* Do you have any tips for the students who try this unit after you?

* Would you recommend or criticise any of these web sites to people researching their next holiday?

* Give your reasons for all of your answers.  


A Final Word

Evaluation is not a one-off final event. The best evaluations go on all the time - and at the end go back to the beginning.

So go back to the beginning now, just to check that you did what you first said you'd do!

Revisit the First Step


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