The Fifth Step - Organise and Present Data!
organise and present data

A Survey

Your main task is to research and report on a holiday for you and your friends.

Here's a task with a survey on what young people want from a holiday. This could help you in your main task.

Surveys ask questions from a range of people and can help you in deciding what other people think.

Teenagers tell Cosmos what they should do to keep kids happy
Guardian Saturday May 6, 2000

The wish list - What they love

12 to14-year-olds:

Water activities: fun pool, water polo, water chutes, banana boats. Beach discos, barbecues.
Make-overs, talent shows for the girls.
Arcade games, team sports, videos for the boys

15 to 17-year-olds

Freedom to choose whether or not to participate in activities.
Shopping trips, non-alcoholic discos in real nightclubs.
Own keys to bedrooms.
Discounts to bring friends.
Waterskiing, bungee-jumping.
Blind Date and karaoke competitions.

What they hate

Group entertainment, which is likened to "controlled funtime" and at which they are expected to instantly bond with strangers.
Uniform of T-shirts and baseball caps.


Do you agree with the views expressed in the survey?

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