The Fifth Step - Organise and Present Data!
organise and present data

You will need to Synthesise information, which means bringing it together from several sources, combining several pieces into one.You'll then have to present the information appropriately.

Combining information from several sources is an important skill. It can be done most easily using a word processor, though sometimes literally cutting and pasting from photocopies can be helpful.

Presenting information can be done in many different ways and you must think about which is the best way before you start.

Synthesis - combining information

First think of the framework, the shape of your presentation. Is it an essay or report with paragraphs and subsections? Is it a PowerPoint presentation with slides and pictures? Different frameworks have different needs.

Try the Outline View in your word processor. This can help organise your writing framework. More

Try writing headings for the main topics you want to cover in your report or essay. Then search your notes for useful information on each heading, copy the information and paste it into its new place under the heading. You'll have to do some rewriting but this is a good way to get your information in the right order. More



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