The Fourth Step -Read, Scan, Select and Make Notes!
extract and record

Use the list of Sources you made in Step 3

Start to interrogate the sources

Do these sources tell you useful and informed information? - If so make a note of it.

Separate the Trash from the Treasure. Avoid bias.

Ask also about strengths and weaknesses of the resource

Each information source has its own prejudices, its own strengths and weaknesses. A newspaper may select holiday information by what it thinks its readers want, a friend may like a place because of who they met rather than the place itself

Ask who what why where when and how

Who wrote the piece or who recommended the place? Are they reliable?

What are they describing? What are they ignoring?

Why is this holiday better for you than that one?

Where do you really want to go? Where fits in best with your needs?

When can you go? When is the best time for that holiday?

How are you going to get there? How do you book?







• Check how to make effective notes,
• more about the strengths and weaknesses of sources.
more about accuracy and reliability of information

• about Hoaxes

Always reference your notes so you know where they come from. Acknowledge your sources using the Harvard Notation.

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