The Fifth Step - Notes
organise and present data

Organise Your Material

You know your main Task, which you defined in Step 1.

You will also know by now some of the subheadings you can use. You should use these to organise your research findings into groups.
You could use the Six Questions (who, what, why, where, when and how) to prompt you.
For example, with the main heading as Planning a Holiday, the subheadings could include:

Who to go with, who to ask for help
What to do when we get there, what arangements to make before we go,
Why we choose to go there,
Where we're going
When we're going
How to get there, how to get around when we're there.

Each of these could be a paragraph or several paragraphs. This way we can organise our thoughts into a useful order. Readers will understand us more easily.

Decide your subheadings as your research goes on. Try to confirm the subheadings before you start writing your first draft. Writing without organising your material is a waste of effort and will confuse your readers.

Presenting Our Findings

In an essay we might not write subheadings, but the topic of each paragraph should be clear.
Paragraphs are very important to divide our main topic into bite sized chunks. Indent every paragraph to make this clear.

In a PowerPoint presentation or a wall display we might have large subheading titles to make clear to everyone the topic we are presenting. We could use a series of headings of different sizes, some bold or underlined to separate the sections.

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