The Third Step - Notes
search and research

Yahoo and Google

are excellent search engines but they work in different ways. Google is an automatic database, but Yahoo is a directory selected by real people.

So Yahoo is selected by quality but can miss out lesser known sites, while Google will find large numbers of sites but can't guarantee quality. Try them both!

Key Words

Key Words are important for searching - but it's equally important to choose the correct key words. Function words, usually short grammar words such as to, for, in, the etc are ignored by searches. Concentrate on useful nouns and verbs.

If you want holidays from England add "UK" or "England" to your search. That will help filter out US websites.

If you want an exact string of words to be searched for, place them in quotation marks, so "Top Ten holidays" will find exactly that (84 sites) but Top Ten Holidays searches for any reference to any of those words - over a million sites found!



In searching, more is not better!

Less is more!


"Top Ten Holidays" (84)

Top Ten Holidays (1,170,000)

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