The First Step! Notes for Step 1
step 1

Defining the Task or Asking The Right Question

This is so important, yet people tend to dash off without knowing where they're going and why.

Doing something as simple as writing the task or question at the top of your first piece of paper is a really good idea!

Underline it to emphasise how important it is!

Make sure you ask your teacher as soon as possible if you have any questions about the task. Get it right now!

Thinking about the Task

You might ask questions which start with:
who, what, why, where, when and how

Write down the questions in your word processing program then place them into your preferred order.
Ask a friend to check the order you've placed your questions.
Do you both agree?
Have you avoided the things which are most likely to go wrong?


Whatever you do, whether it's researching a school project, planning an expedition or a holiday, deciding which CD player or bike to buy, organising your weekend to make the most of your time... plan ahead!


If you've finished the first Task go to Task 2

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