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The origins of our language come in three broad stages.

Firstly there is prehistory

For this period look at:
The Origins of Language

Secondly there is history since Roman times

For this period look at:
The Invasions map
The Roman invasion
Angles, Jutes, Frisians and Saxons
Scandinavian Invaders
The Normans
A language Timeline

Thirdly there are more recent times

For this period look at:
A language Timeline
Chaucer and his time
Caxton and his time
Shakespeare and his time
Samuel Johnson and his dictionary
Loan words from other countries
Change in the Bible

Finally there is the Twentieth Century

For this period look at:
Changes since 1900
Boy's Own Paper 1922
New words since 1986
The process of change
Music reviews
New words in 2003
Words introduced by the Iraq War 2003/4
Is the Hyphen making a dash for extinction?
Future trends
Bollywood English
Buzzwords of the Century
Endangered Languages

You could also look at :
Development of the Western Alphabet
Signs and Symbols
Spelling Problems and Issues
Words for all Seasons

A collection of Etymologies
The Lord's Prayer and Gospels as example of language change

English - What a Language!