The Sixth and Final Step - Evaluate the process!


have I solved the problem?


... is an essential part of any IT process.

Software engineers test and retest their work to ensure it works correctly across a range of users and platforms.

One useful question is "Is this item fit for purpose?"

This is a good question for IT users and consumers buying any product. It's also a good question to ask about your own work, whether it's making, writing or doing.

Adding Changes

Sending your document to someone else to make comments can help your evaluation process. They can add Comments in your document without changing it. In Word this is Menu: Insert > Comment which highlights a word or sentence and adds a pop-up comment box to explain.

In the end the decision whether to take advice is yours, but other people's comments can help

When making comments on the work of others, remember what it feels like to be criticised and be positive, helpful and constructive in your comments.



"You might make this section clearer by adding ..."


"I can't make sense of this."

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