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Accuracy and Reliability

If you know where and when and by whom the article was written you may be able to say how reliable the information is.
Which are most reliable in the following list?

Place them in order of reliability with the most reliable at number one.


1. "Skipios is the quietest and most attractive of the Greek islands. The villas at Silvasun's resort are light and spacious, with excellent service and a welcoming and helpful resort manager, Dmitri Kyprios."

[from the Silvasun advertising brochure, written by Dmitri Kyprios]

2. "Skipios is a terrific place for a holiday - lots of things to do, bars open all night and a meeting place for great people from all over Europe. You'll have a fantastic and wild time!"

[from Klub 20-30, brochure for young singles holidays]

3. "Skipios - place of dreams, where the cool breeze wafts over you as you lie in the sun gazing at the deep blue waters and white surf of the Cyclades. Skipios is the haven of the Gods, untouched by travellers and blissfully unaware of its own beauty."

[from Guide to the Greek Islands, by Archie Watkins, pub Collins 1956]

4. Skipios: 32 miles by 12. population 12,000. Hotels: 2 grade 5, 12 grade 4. Resorts: Afrodite (75 apartments, some dormitory accom); Olympus: (50 apartments, self catering). Local fishing; ferries twice per day; some watersports.

[Greece - data for travel agents. Produced by Greek Tourist Authority, Jan. 2000]

5. "Skipios? Yes, we enjoyed ourselves. We spent two nights there a few years ago. It was a bit noisy at nights, but the weather was lovely, wasn't it Gladys? I think that was Skipios, anyway..."

[Bernard Cullen, neighbour].

Why you might find each one unreliable?

Create a list of Reasons why a source might be unreliable

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