- and follow the six step plan! Accuracy & Reliability!
Extract and record

Accuracy and Reliability - answers

• Did you think the first extract was biased because Silvasun and Dmitri wanted to show themselves in a good light?
• Did you think the second extract was biased towards young people?
• Did you think the third extract was out of date - and also rather vague about details.
• Did you think the fourth extract seemed accurate but didn't tell you what the place was really like in terms of people and atmosphere?
• Did you think the fifth extract was vague and personal (though, if accurate, it did confirm extracts 2 and 3.)

What have we learned?

We mustn't accept all information as true until we've asked:

1. Is it up-to-date?
2. Is it from a reputable source?
3. Does the source have a reason for "pushing" one point of view?
4. Is it accurate (spelling, grammar, content, reliable?)
5. Can I confirm this information by comparing with another source?

In the end we might not be able to be certain about our information, but that's better than believing everything we read.


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