The Fourth Step -Read, Scan and Make Notes!
extract and record

Key Stage 3

"be systematic in considering the information they need" 1a

"obtain information well matched to purpose by selecting appropriate sources, using and refining search methods and questioning the plausability and value of the information found. " 1b

"develop & explore information, solve problems and derive new information for particular purposes" 2a

"how to interpret information and to reorganise and present it in a variety of forms that are fit for purpose" 3a

Key Stage 4

"analyse the requirements of tasks, taking into account the information they need and the ways they will use it" 1a

"to be discriminating in their use of information sources " 1b

"explore, develop and interpret information ... " 2b


En1 Speaking & Listening

"take different views into account" En1 3b

"sift, summarise and use the most important points" 3c

"clarify and synthesise others' ideas" 3e

En2 Reading

"to extract meaning beyond the literal ..." 1a

"select, compare and synthesise information from different texts" 4a

"sift the relevant from the irrelevant and distinguish between fact and fiction, bias and objectivity" 4c


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