Duncan Grey


“A room without books
Is as a body without a soul”


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Ten Facts about me:

  • I have three children and a long-suffering wife.
  • I did my teacher training in County Durham, have taught mostly in Cambridgeshire but also in Sweden and Australia
  • My favourite pastime is enjoying bacon and eggs with strong coffee while reading the papers on a Sunday morning, then pottering about the garden. I love reading - papers, magazines, fiction, non-fiction it's always a pleasure.
  • I also like to go walking with friends. See Four Blokes Who Walk. I'm also aiming to walk in every traditional county of the UK - which should keep me busy until my knees give way ....
  • In the summer I help to organise The Shelford Festival & Feast which raises money for good causes and entertains the good people of Shelford.
  • I have an ongoing hobby of genealogy. My mother's side is Appleby and my father's (surprise!) is Grey.
  • My pets are my happy hens and my lazy cat.
  • I love to travel and to record my trips with a camera and a journal. Photos are in need of re-publishing now that the excellent Photoshop Gallery has closed. A retirement activity, I think ...
  • I like chopping wood for my wood burning stove; it keeps me warm every way - loading and unloading, stacking, cutting, splitting and burning; a wood-burning stove is a pleasure.
  • I have a narrow boat called Patience - whose adventures are recorded in my blog Patience Afloat .

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