Plague Disaster Project

The following links feature in the Plague Disaster Project or are recent additions.

Task 2
The character traits which enabled Aron Alston to survive and to amputate his own arm when he became trapped under a boulder.
What to expect after a disaster or trauma
Wilderness and other survival advice. Rather a lot of emphasis on the Bushmaster Survival Knife, but good information despite that.

Task 3
Resources including contents of a survival kit,
Doug Ritter’s site contains a wide range of survival information
Wilderness and other survival advice.

Task 4
BBC radio news programmes on the Internet.

Task 5
UK Resilience - official advice from UK government
How London planned to deal with a post-9/11 Attack
London resilience, preparing for emergencies

Task 8
This page of an English Language site gives links to many transcripts and some recordings of famous speeches. Some of the transcripts include commentaries on what makes the speeches effective.
to hear clips and transcripts of these and other speeches.

Task 10
Samuel Pepys’ diary
excerpts from Anne Frank’s diary

Additional Resources


1918-19 Influenza Pandemic -
Bubonic Plague
Government Plans for a 'flu epidemic,,2-1453925,00.html
Ebola outbreak
Avian Flu
Pandemic Flu USA

Medical advice

How to avoid catching a contagious disease -Medecin sans frontieres


Commentary on the Horses

General Websites
Resources on contents of a survival kit,
Doug Ritter’s site contains a wide range of survival information
Greg Davenport’s Pearls of Survival
Links to all manner of disaster preparedness resources.
US Public Emergency Management Agency information
Disaster survival recipes

Effects of an asteroid on Manchester

US plans for plague, flu and nuclear bomb attack (The Times 17.03.05)
BBC Weather expert site - greenhouse effects, floods storms and droughts

The Perfect Disaster - Discovery Channel Feature, with video clips, a quiz and puzzles

What To Do in an Earthquake

Preparing for Emergencies (UK Direct Gov) including Emergency Terror Advice Booklet

THe Preparedness Guide

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