Plague Disaster Project

This project is a flexible learning project for Year 9 English classes.

The activities cover National Curriculum programmes of study at Key Stage 3 in English (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing), and ICT (Finding Things Out, Exchanging and Sharing Information)

The activities involve researching from a range of sources, selecting and presenting information, presenting and writing in a variety of styles and evaluating what has been produced.

The activities are pupil-centred and open-ended so that, with teacher approval, pupils may follow their own interests within the framework of the project.

It is suggested that one compulsory task is the book review described in task 12.

At the outset, teachers should decide what access there will be to ICT facilities. This project can be produced either entirely without ICT, using only the materials in this pack, or supplemented by ICT resources and facilities as available.

This web site contains supplementary materials. The project materials can be bought in print or on disk from
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Published by ZigZag Education
Written by Duncan Grey