- and follow the six step plan! Prejudice and Bias
Extract and record

Here are three pieces of information on a similar topic.

Which pieces of information are agreed and which pieces are doubtful?

What seems to be the truth?

1. "The Island of Skipios is delightful and quiet all the year round."
[Travel Annual, 1994] and we might think that's a good reason to visit.
2. However we then could watch a TV Travel programme which shows us that "Since developers moved into the island of Skipios in 1996 several high rise blocks have been built to provide for the tourist trade. The east coast of the island is now the fastest growing wind-surfing resort in the area."
[Travel Roundup, BBC1]
That might make us avoid the island in our search for a quiet holiday.

3. Then we might see a Website called which points out that
"while the east coast has recently become highly developed, the west coast remains a haven of peace for fishermen and donkeys and the local people welcome the occasional traveller into their homes."


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