National Curriculum Skills ICT. English Skills Information Literacy Skills

Key Stage 3

"be systematic in considering the information they need" 1a

"obtain information well matched to purpose by selecting appropriate sources, using and refining search methods and questioning the plausability and value of the information found. " 1b

"develop & explore information, solve problems and derive new information for particular purposes" 2a

"how to interpret information and to reorganise and present it in a variety of forms that are fit for purpose" 3a

"draft, bring together & refine information and create good quality presentations ..." 3b

"work with a range of information ..." 5a

"work with others to explore a variety of information sources ..." 5b


Key Stage 4

"analyse the requirements of tasks, taking into account the information they need and the ways they will use it" 1a

"to be discriminating in their use of information sources " 1b

"explore, develop and interpret information ... " 2b

"share, exchange and present information in a variety of subjects and contexts" 3a

"consider how the information found and developed using ICT should be interpreted and presented ..." 3b

"evaluate the efffectiveness of their own and other's uses of information sources ..." 4a

"use their initiative to find out about and exploit the potential of more advanced or new ICT tools and information sources" 4c

"using a range of information sources and ICT tools to improve efficiency and extend capability" 5b

"working with others to explore, develop and pass on information" 5c



Information Skills
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