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How can I integrate Information Skills into my lessons?

Information skills must be learned in a way so it's a part of all learning not just taught in one lesson.
Everyone can use these skills whenever they need to find out anything - whether it's the time of the next train or planning what you want to do with your whole life!

You can certainly use Information Skills in all those lessons which require research and planning.
Using a computer for editing, processing and presenting information is also important - ICT skills are really important in the world of work.



Information Skills must be taught in an integrated way, not in isolation, seen as a part of all learning not just taught in one lesson.
Teachers might reflect on how these skills would form part of their teaching.
Schools might appreciate that when all departments use this set of strategies - a unified approach to information handling, every department and every teacher benefits, while every pupil is equipped with the tools of finding out.


Information Skills and the National Curriculum
The National Curriculum has an information strand.
Targets for English and ICT are listed here
A pdf file showing the information strand across all subjects is here.

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