Using the film Blade Runner for GCSE English.


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Write captions for the pictures below describing what each of the pictures tells us about the film, its meaning and its characters.

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  < What do the first five pictures tell us about the relationship of Rachel to Tyrrell and to Deckard?  
   < The previous five pictures are all of city scapes. Each picture sends a different message about this futuristic city. Write a paragraph in which you describe what these influences are and how they may have come about.



< Gaff is a mysterious figure. Is he more than just a minder for Deckard?

Why does he let Deckard go with Rachel?

What does he mean by saying "Too bad she won't live - but then, who does?"

< In what way is Sebastian like the doomed replicants?




Look closely at the slo-mo scene where Zhora is shot. Count the broken windows. Count the gun shots. Count the film shots. Look at the coloured streaks. Notice the mannequins in the window. Describe what the director is trying to create here.


Photographs mean memories. What is the significance of Leon's lost photographs/

Watch the film carefully as we are shown the photograph of Rachel with her mother as a child. Does it move?



Why does Roy save Deckard?

What message does it send to us?

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