Using the film Blade Runner for GCSE English.


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Leon, Pris, Batty (Roy), Rachael, Zhora (dancer), Deckard, Gaff (origami man), Tyrell, Sebastian, Chew, Holden (first Blade Runner), Bryant (boss),

Roy - replicant; arch villain who transforms into a heroic and noble figure by allowing Deckard to live;
callous to Chew; in search of his origins and life span kills his maker Tyrrell by gouging out his eyes.He knows how painful it is to be a slave and to live in fear of death ...


Deckard - "a curious mixture of emerging sensitivity and hard boiled bureaucracy" ; some have suggested he is even a replicant himself; prepared to kill women (Zhora and Pris); aggressive at times to Rachael yet goes off with her in the end;


Rachael - femma fatale who wakens Deckard's sympathetic character, ironically she is a replicant bringing out human characteristics in a human; seems composed and assured as secretary to Tyrrell; kills Leon to save Deckard's life.


Leon - kills Holden when interviewed and asked about his (non-existent) mother; aggressive, shooting Holden and trying to kill Deckard; craves his photographs which he has left in his flat; subservient to Roy;


Zhora - the snake woman - a charmer ; she dies shot and smashing through plate glass windows surrounded by mannequins


Pris - plays the lost girl to seduce Sebastian; tender feelings towards Roy; tries to kill Deckard but dies in thrashing agony


Gaff - enigmatic; may be a minder for Deckard ; leaves origami signs to show he has visited



Tyrell - maker of the replicants; the mad scientist; capitalist who represents everything which has happened to the world in 2019; incapable of providing Roy with eternal life so is kissed then has his eyes gouged out by Roy in terrible frustrated revenge.


Sebastian - lost and lonely genetics engineer; a plot device to get the replicants in touch with Tyrell one Pris and Roy persuade him that they are his friends; surround himself with mechanical toys, replaced only by the brief meeting with Pris. Ironically he suffers from Methuselah's disease which means he ages rapidly - so he has something in common with the replicants.



For contrast: the robot from Metropolis , the cyborg from Robocop and the robot from WestWorld

cyborg, n. a person whose physiological functioning is aided by or dependent upon a mechanical or electronic device.

robot, n. a mechanical and/or electronic device for performing a task which
might otherwise be done by a human. A robot may, but need not, have human shape

android, n. an automaton that resembles a human being

replicant, n. an android created biologically but artificially


Duncan Grey