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 Shooting Westworld


Yul Brynner plays a robot gunslinger who breaks loose from the restrictions of being a robot in a theme park to wreak vengeance on the humans who have used him

Things to think about:

The difference between robots and humans - if they are given near-human or super-human capabilities, at what stage do they become human?
If you don't give them human emotions and moods will they develop these feelings - and would they then be vey different from humans?
What is their purpose in "life"?
Do they need a purpose, do they have a life? Is their purpose different from ours?

Are they willing to do what they're told?
How do they feel about being "used"? - after being brought back to life?
How well do they adapt to different environments?
How do they feel about being created by men?
Is man really so superior? If so, how?

Is the gunfighter robot in Westworld right to seek vengeance on the humans? In what sense have he, the serving maid and the girls at the bar been used and humiliated ?

In what sense is the gunslinger a character to be admired?

Do you admire the gunslinger more or less than the buffoon who becomes Sheriff or the buffoon who fights the Black Knight?
Do you admire him more than the scientist who invented the machines but dies while they live on?

Who is the hero of the story?

Using the film Blade Runner for GCSE English.

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