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Practise your Draw skills on one of these projects.

1. Draw a map of your local area showing people how to reach your home from a local landmark, station or main road.
There is no need to measure it to scale or for all details to be complete, but the route should be clear, street names should be marked and arrows should show the direction of travel.

It would help if you looked carefully at some street or road maps first, noticing how they show major and minor roads. It may also be easier if you sketch the route on rough paper first.

Save your file and you could add it to your own Web page to help people find their way to you.

2. Draw a plan of your bedroom showing the position of the main furniture.

3. Draw a plan of the field or pitch for your favourite team game. Design a shape to represent the players and colour them to show which side they are on. Copy this file and use it to show tactics and movements. An arrow could show movement around the pitch.

4. Design a board game to be played using a dice and counters. Don't forget you can copy and paste the "squares" which will be quicker than drawing each one individually.

5. Design a pattern which you could cut and fold into a package for a product of your choice. A small sample is shown here. PIC! Make sure you count all the sides (usually six) and include tabs to attach one side to the other.
Later you can import this drawing into a Paint program and decorate your package.

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