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Information Technology. Introduction.


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 Outline of the Course

This IT course is designed for foundation level pupils to work through with minimum assistance.

There are 36 lessons including notes for teachers or parents showing the aims of the lessons and suggesting how the pupil can be helped.
No specific platform or software product is assumed and only generic software is referred to ("a spreadsheet" rather than, say, "Excel on a PC running Windows 2000"). The Draw and Paint exercises are based on simple software which can even be found as shareware. The exercises apply equally to Microsoft Office, PageMaker, Express and Photoshop (for photo-retouching).

It is assumed that the pupil has basic knowledge of switching on the computer and launching an application, manipulating a mouse etc. However because different programs (and versions of the same program) vary in the detailed way in which they function it is also assumed that help guides and manuals are available for instructions on specific applications.

1. To develop skills in communicating and handling information.
This will include use of a word processor, a graphics program, a desk top publishing program and an Internet browser.
2. To develop skills in controlling, measuring and modelling information.
This will include use of a spreadsheet and a data base.

The lessons are offered in a traditional linear pattern with, at intervals, a project unit which enables practice of the recently learned skills to be put into a practical context. More skilled pupils may proceed quickly through lessons with which they are familiar and spend longer on putting their skills into practice in the project unit or extension work.

There is also a thread which gives background information on IT questions. Watch out for links to IT in context.

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