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Education can unlock your mind

It is not until reaching adulthood that most of us value education for real, and paradoxically it is also the moment where our time is precious. Actually, time is always precious, regardless of how old you are, but it is not until your schedule is tighter than a banjo string that we learn this. Activity generates more activity. Is growing up and maturing in our intrinsic nature or are we led there by life?

When we are young, we think that we will never get old. We don’t want to be educated by others; on the contrary, we think we are wise enough to make smart decisions. Many times we waste time, but we are for sure more ‘ourselves’. Both education and ignorance can be a double-edged sword. The point here is how to be educated without losing ourselves.

Does education kill creativity? Does it enhance it? Some people are born knowing what they want to do for the rest of their lives. I heard many kids saying “I want to be a teacher” to actually become teachers later. Particularly, this girl wanted to be a language instructor. When she was thinking of taking Spanish classes New York seemed a good location for her to pursue her dream.

Another friend of mine used to make her Barbies’ clothes herself, and today she makes a living as a fashion designer. Other people, like me, are not that determined as to what to do with their life. These people love many fields of studies and would like to have the time to do everything they enjoy, but it’s not always so easy in reality.

If you are already studying or working, consider however, learning a new language. A new tongue means more than speaking an extra language. It just improves every other aspect of your life. There is no denying that speaking languages will be a plus when employers consider your CV. In this globalized world being multilingual is becoming a must. Which company wouldn’t want their product to reach a broader market? Wouldn’t you want to offer your products or services to a foreign market?

When considering taking English classes Toronto people don’t think twice. Speaking different tongues unlocks our mind, and therefore, improves our creativity. This happens because we are no longer limited to our way of thinking, but we are able to reason in other ways. It is the language that creates a structure of mind and a reality, and not otherwise.


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