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Parkinson Interviews Cher - transcript

Parkinson my final guest tonight (.) is a singer(.) an actress(.) director(.) fashion icon and survivor (.) She’s one of the most enduring and popular stars in the world of entertainment (.) Ladies and gentlemen (.) please welcome (.) Cher.
(Audience claps and cheers).
P the (.) the question that all the girls in the office want to know is why you’ve gone blond
Cher well I haven’t gone blonde it’s just a wig
P it’s not a wig (shaking head)
C it’s a wig (.) trust me I have long black hair
P no you’re pulling my leg (smiling)
(Audience laugh)
C no no no you know (.) it’s just an extension of my clothes
P why a blonde wig
C well (.) because I’ve had a red one and I’ve had(.) I’ve had all different colours and I just thought this would be fun
P your ma was blonde wasn’t she
C yeah my mum was blonde (.) my sisters were blond my children are blonde
Stephen Fry he’s our deepest interviewer Michael (.) he gets right into the heart of things
C I know (laughing)
(Audience laughing).
P [yeah I am
S [right through the surface
P you just don’t know what’s coming next (.) you’ve just ruined a marvel (.) I was just burrowing there like a mole underneath
(All laughing).
C I once got into terrible trouble because of you (to Stephen Fry).
S oh I’m sorry
C I went to see WILDE
S oh right.
P oh (1) it’s a good film
C with my(.) with my trainer and my(.) my assistant and (.) we just(.) we just popped out of the house caught a cab and went down to see it and (.) I was sobbing (.) just sobbing
(S&P Ahh).
my heart out when it was over as I was walking (.) you know walking out of the theatre and my mascara was running all over my face and I opened the door and in the lobby it was filled with paparazzi and I wasn’t expecting it and there was no place to go and they(.) they didn’t(.) I mean they allowed them to be there and then I couldn’t catch a cab so they were just walking up and down the street with me and I was sobbing and and cursing you (points at S) and (.) so
S [This must have done great harm to your Maybelline contract.
C Oh no (fiddling and laughing) Oh no I don’t have any.
S I know you don’t.
C but it was great (.) but I just so (.) I just loved it so much.
P he was very good in that.
C fabulous (.) it was like he was channeling him.
P yeah(.) yeah(.) yeah that’s right (.).
when you look at your career you’ve been an actress you you’ve been er er a fashion icon(.) which satisfies you most (.) I mean what do you put on your passport actress (.) singer
C no I put entertainer
P entertainer
C yeah
P and the other thing (.) you’re a showman in that (.) old fashioned way aren’t you I mean you’re like a different species (.) you look glamorous all the time.
C Well (.) when I’m working I do and when I’m not I’m very(.) very I’m exactly the opposite of this I wear old clothes I wear my hair in a ponytail I wear no makeup. Um I have 2 parts of my personality one’s really shy and introverted and kind of (.) melancholy and then the other is kind of up and happy and perky and
P [but were you always that sort of show person though (.)


Thanks to Jennifer Greenald of Berwick High School for this transcript


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