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The following studies are the best known studies of language and should become familiar to all students of linguistics.

Paul Kerswill, Milton Keynes

Bernstein: Language and Social Class

Jenny Cheshire, Reading

Milroy - Belfast

Peter Trudgill, Norwich

Labov Martha's Vineyard

Labov's New York Department Store

Berlin & Kay (1969) Colour Words

A contributor to the AQA English Language list also suggested the following pieces of research as helpful for English Language students:

Robin Lakoff ~ Language and Woman's place (1975)
Zimmerman and West ~ Sex roles, interruptions and silences (1975)
Pamela Fishman ~ Interactional Shiftwork (1977)
Pamela Fishman ~ Conversational Insecurity (1980)
Helena Leet-Pellegrini ~ Conversational dominance (1980)
O'Barr & Atkins ~ Women's language or powerless language (1980)
Jaqueline Sachs ~ Language used in pretend play (1987)
Isabel Gomm ~ Swearing patterns (1980)
Victoria DeFrancisco ~ How men silence women (1991)

Deborah Tannen ~ Men and Women in Conversation

Eskimo Words for Snow


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