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Considering the enormous variety of websites dealing with aspects of English teaching in different countries, different academic levels, ages and syllabuses, no list of English sites can be anything but partial and personal. Nevertheless, as so many sites lead on to other sites a list such as this plus searches with Google should bring to you everything you want.

This excellent resource offers a wealth of resources for very wide range of topics in the English Curriculum. I looked for Holes by Louis Sachar and found 13 separate resources - lesson plans and ideas, mainly in Word and pdf formats. I simply wished I had searched here before writing my own lesson scheme.
An extended service called Teachit Plus is available at a small charge and provides even more resources, in Word format so they can be adapted to your own personal preference. Highly recommended.

A Newspaper Day

A newspaper day or news based activities can give the opportunity for online research, writing in styles, examination of bias and prejudice, information handling skills generally.
Lesson plans
For good up to date UK news sources try

Electronic Telegraph

The Guardian / News Unlimited

The Times

BBC News

For access to world news online try

Total News

Internet Public Library Reading Room

Kid-on Media Link

The Ultimate Collection of News Links

Offers a good range of printable teaching resources in pdf format, lesson plans and schemes of work for teachers of English language and literature at secondary level. 

The previously paid for mterials are now available from TES Connect

The English and Media Centre is a not-for-profit trust that provides publications and professional development on all aspects of English teaching for teachers and students of literature, language and media in the UK and abroad.
A wide range of resources centred around the AQA examination board.
The member sites have been selected because they offer teachers, pupils and parents access to the best teaching and learning materials for free - produced by teachers for teachers. To go directly to the twelve featured English and media sites click here.
A no-nonsense GCSE revision site. Revise your texts, learn to write in avariety of styles and read texts closely. Practical and focused.

Wordroot is where literacy meets ICT and starts a long and meaningful relationship! Whether you are interested in language, literature or technology, there is something for you here.

Also a quarterly magazine

Good quality content covers literature, language and media studies with a minimum of design. Aimed at the combined Lang/Lit AQA "B" syllabus. Good for quick access to essays on particular literature texts and language topics. Handy to print off for reference. Few links and a linear scrolling menu using tables, but the content makes this site worthwhile.
An online English course for Spanish speakers



 Also see these general UK teacher sites...