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Exploring, Analysing and Evaluating English

Unit 6 A2. In the collection of materials, at least one each of the following will be included:

  • a transcription of natural spoken language;
  • a pre-1900 written passage;
  • a post-1900 written passage.

Other data may also be provided, including written and spoken texts from different times. In addition to the transcription, other 'spoken' texts may include written (eg literary) versions of speech. The items will be connected either by theme or by purpose. Sources will be varied - for example: first-hand accounts; journalism; diaries; taped interviews; letters; fiction and drama; media texts.

In the first 15 minutes, candidates will have time to read and annotate the materials presented, before the question paper is issued.

Section A will focus on a transcript of natural spoken language. Candidates will be required to analyse the given extract, transpose its content for a given purpose and audience, and write a commentary on the choices and changes made in doing so (AO2). In analysing the data and in discussing and exploring their own transposition, candidates will be required to show understanding of concepts and issues relevant to the study of language (AO4).

Section B will require an essay answer. Candidates will be required to analyse and account for key features of language use in specified items of the data presented, with specific reference to change over time (AO5ii), and in so doing to apply and explore the approaches to linguistic study which they have taken (AO3ii).

Throughout, candidates must communicate clearly their insights into the study and use of English, employ appropriate terminology and express themselves clearly and coherently (AO1).

This Synoptic Unit provides the culmination of the course and will require candidates to synthesise their knowledge and understanding of the different strands of study they have undertaken in the other Units. In planning their courses, Centres and candidates may wish to consider the various 'pathways' that may be followed through Units 1-5 and how these may help in preparation for Unit 6.

The specification is designed to provide points of contact with both the content and the approaches that will be encountered in this Synoptic Unit.

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Spoken and Written Modes