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Frameworks for the Description of English

Unit1 AS. The focus of the Unit will be the structural features of English and the frameworks available for describing these.

Section A will contain a compulsory essay question, testing understanding of the features which are characteristic of spoken (as opposed to written) forms of English, and candidates' ability to describe these. In answering, candidates will be expected to supply their own examples/samples of appropriate data, which may include both spoken and written forms.

Section B will offer a choice of two passage-based or data-based questions. Candidates will be required to analyse the lexical choices and grammatical structures of the chosen passage, and to discuss and explore ways in which understanding of the structural features of the text informs understanding of the use of language in it.

In both Sections, candidates will be expected to demonstrate that they can communicate clearly knowledge, understanding and insights appropriate to the study of language, use appropriate terminology, and express themselves accurately and coherently (AO1). They should show that they know and can use key frameworks for the systematic study of spoken and written English (AO3i), and that they understand and can discuss and explore concepts and issues relating to language in use (AO4).

Suggestions from the Topic List:

Spoken and written modes

Linguistic research

Sentence Structure and deconstruction

How to identify an unknown text