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Caravan Names

Words do not exist alone. Words have connotations and associations above and beyond their literal meaning.

Sometimes these connotations are related to the origin of the word, sometimes because of who uses the word or where it is commonly used.

Select names from the following list and answer these questions:
a) what is the origin or meaning of each name?
b) what associations are suggested by each name?
c) How does each name help to give an image to the caravan?

d) How do the connotations and associations you find with these caravan names differ from the connotations relating to car names and 4x4 names?

Abbey County Lincoln County Somerset
  Impression Iona
  Pacific Aventura
  Vogue Lancaster
  Spectrum Piper
Sprite Alpine Musketeer
  Super Sprite  
Bailey Beachcomber Club Pageant
  Imperial Magenta
  Majestic Monarch
  Auverne Bordeaux
  Champagne Loire
  Moselle Vendee
  Ranger Senator
  Vermont Arizona
  Wyoming Discovery
Eccles Elite Trekker
Compass Connoisseur Avantgarde
  Corona Calypso
  Castaway Clipper
  Coaster Cruiser
  Drifter Navigator
  Omega Rallye




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