Meat - or Veggie?


A brief list of vegetarian and meat related sites

relating to "Meat or Veggie?" by Duncan Grey

published by ZigZag Education,


• The Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom
• Why Vegan?
(note that the page on Slaughterhouses is deliberately shocking)
• Are Humans Meant to Eat Meat?
• Beef and Liberty!
• People Eating Tasty Animals
• Why I eat Meat
• British Meat
(look at the health and diet pages and how these are presented; note that the slaughter of the animal is not mentioned, whereas in anti-meat sites this is accentuated)
• British Meat Education Service
(includes support documents for a simulation of managing a pork advertising campaign)

• Eat Less Meat - Rainforest Portal


Download the Task Line document (Word format) here

If you find other appropriate sites or if these become unavailable, please contact Duncan Grey.